The Drifters featuring Dock Green

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Prior to 1970, a group known as "The Drifters" originally achieved prominence
in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Riding the crest of success, during that period,
Dock Green, together with Charles Thomas,  Elsbeary Hobbs and lead singer
Benjamin Earl Nelson, better known by his stage name of Ben E. King, made history.

History established that Thomas, Hobbs and Green recorded on all or most of
The Drifters' hit records during that period, and can be heard on hits such as
"There Goes My Baby" and "Save The Last Dance For Me". Their pictures
appear on the covers of several albums continuously available to the public.

Subsequent to 1970, Thomas, Hobbs and Green continued to perform together
until Green, growing dissatisfied with the group's Management's handling of their
financial arrangements, broke away and formed another group,
under new Management, "The Drifters featuring Dock Green."

This is in Memory of that group...
Dock Green (Lead/Baritone)
Derek Ventura (Lead/Tenor)
Lloyd Butch Phillips (2nd Tenor)
Bernard Jones (Bass/Baritone)

Butch Lloyd longer with us, passed away in 2002
DOC GREEN - the "Original Drifter" passed away in 1989

 Gone...but never forgotten... Dock Green's Drifters....

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